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  1. zerostatereflex:

    Smoke Art

    "Jim Dingilian has an amazing technique for creating art out of old bottles. He fills them with smoke and then scrapes away the coating left inside the glass by the smoke.”

    (via marasbazaar)

  2. "The statues watch. Their eyes are hollow with grief."

    (Source: thisiscolossal.com, via ampersounds)

  3. gommidy:

    Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji - Parte II

    Korean artist’s Yong Ho Ji art is all about recycling tires . He uses tire strips and synthetic resins to create these unique sculptures. His collection gathers sculptures and busts of usual animals and also hybrid animals and humans.

    (via coelasquid)

  4. jedavu:

    Gregor the Owl

    by Greg Coulton

    (via lomadia)

  5. izzy-the-fish-girl:


    「 Symbiosis1 2008 」”Symbiosis12008 “

    「 Symbiosis 2 2008 」”Symbiosis 2 2008 “

    「 めばえ1 」”Sprouting 1”

    「 めばえ2 」”Sprouting 2 “

    by Fuco Ueda

    They are like little bees!! So cute!!!

    (via goldfishgal)

  6. vwillas8:

Miniature Jeweled Qu’ran Moghul Empire


    Miniature Jeweled Qu’ran
    Moghul Empire

    (via lookatthislittlething)

  7. likeafieldmouse:

    Ward Roberts - Billions (Hong Kong Reflections)

    (via froggo)

  8. nae-design:

    Tama Japanese Arts School graduate, Yokomizo Yuri's story-telling plush designs.

    (via trungles)

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